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Sunni Muslim Arab Girl
Anonymous posted #1038Sunni Muslim Arab Girl Sunday 19th of February 2012 06:28:53 PM ★ posted on Worst Things I've Done
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Almost a week a Sunni Muslim Arab girl (19 years old I think) moved in in our flat, everytime this dirty smelling bitch would enter the elevator she would say out loud: "Bismillaher Rahmaner Rahim, Salamun Alaikum". It fucking pissed me off inside, but I didn't say anything, first thing an Aryan man must do is remain calm, observe, analize and think, so I did that. She haid a niqab on, and from her shoulders down she had this black chador garment to cover her body, she also had slightly face make up on, ugly nose and brown skin.

A couple of days ago, she entered the elevator again. Besides me, ther was a Dutch leftist woman (around 31 years old I think) in the elevator aswell and the Arab animal stepped in, the entire elevator was infected with her filthy smell, she said out loud like always: "Bismillaher Rahmaner Rahim, Salamun Alaikum". The Dutch lady, being the leftist retard she is, asked her:"Hi, what does that mean, I am interested in your mystic culture!"

I said to myself: "Is this retard for real?! culture? sunni Islam? If it was Shia Islam I could understand, because it has loads of Iranian influence... but Sunni?!!?! That is just a retarded backwards racist death cult"

The Arab girl replied: "Bismillaher Rahmaner Rahim means in name of allah, I say that every morning so Allah protects me from Shaytan". I didn't know if I should rage or laugh out loud, but I didn't do any of those things, I remained calm, like an Aryan. The Dutch woman asked: "What are you going to do today?" The Arab Anima replied: "I am going to run 2-3 kilometers, a muslim must be healthy in mind and body". The Dutch woman replied: "That is beautiful, your culture is so deep and enriching, I feel ashamed to be Dutch, we have no real culture". The Arab Woman replied: "Islam is not my culture, it is for all mankind, buy a koran and research it". The Dutch woman replied: "I don't know, I have done somethings in my life that I think your religion would frown uppon". The Arab Animal replied: "Allah protects and guides all people who submit, Allah is most mercifull, all knowing. There have been many disgusting kuffar cultures in the middle east, like the Barbaric Persians for example, but Allah has guided them and forgave them for their ignornant deeds". The Dutch woman replied: "Amazing, thank you so much, I will research the koran".

Hearing that conversation without reacting was like torture so intence, like being a Blond slut and having 4 Black Kings with their 11 inch King Dicks fucking me all over the place, in my mouth, in my vagina and double anal in my asshole.

Because I am a White Aryan Parsian Iranian Indo-European, people usually think I am Italian/Greek. She didn't know that I was Parsian when she made that comment abour Persians, it was decided, I had to make this ugly animal whore suffer and pay for her insult towards my identity, history and culture. Also, she was just too retarded for words, she had to be slaughtered like the animal she is.

Earlier this morning I prepared myself for what I was about to do, I looked up some Japanese Shinobi Scroll teachings up on the internet, spiritually and mentally prepared myself for the mission and saluted the noble Japanese path of the Ninja.

I was waiting for the Arab Animal near our flat, we have a path and allot of trees where people often let our their dogs or jog/run for excersize. She showed up, with her retarded niqab and full body cape, the most retarded thing I had seen in my life, after Samans face of course, was her trying to run in that outfit. Before she knew what happend, I preformed a "Taisabaki: Ghost Technique" on her, where I quickly move from the front/side of her to her back grip her chin and forhead and pull it back, I slammed her head on the ground, stunning her for some seconds. I quickly took my knive out and stabbed her multiple times in the neck. As she was bleeding and dying, I took out my Faravahar Necklace and slowly said these words: "Dorood bar Babak Khoramdin" "Dorood bar Pirouz Nahavandi" "Zende Bad Irane Aryai". She realized I was Iranian Persian and was trying to say: "Ma... ay... allll... aahs c... cuu... cuuurse.. bee.. uppo..." She didn't get a chance to finish, I did a Bruce Lee leap and landed with both my feet on her skull, shattering it all over the place.

I quickly took off my pants and shoes, put them and the knive in the bag I had brought with me and put on new clothes. I came home, washed the shoes and pants and every other clothes I had with me, I plan to wash them again after 1 hour.

I made this picture with the thick dried blood of the animal whore still on my knive, I succeeded in my mission like a Parsian Ninja.

I ask of you, fellow Mihanparasts, what are you doing?

Do you sympathize and feel sexually attracted and even have sex with Arab Animals like Saman the traitorous degenerate kiddo does?


Do you like me bring Parsian Aryan Justice uppon those arab animals who dare to insult Parsian Aryan Iranian culture, history and identity?
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Tags: murder  islam  sunni  persian 
Anonymous ID# 4142 Sunday 19th of February 2012 06:50:37 PM 
This one time i made up a wank story in my head. I thought it would be totes awesome to tell the world about it, because i loved jacking off to it. So then i found this site and wroted my totally awesomo story for all the world to see. I am so coolio G and i'm jacking it right now thinking that some retard could actually believe this bullshit.

Maybe later i'll put my belt around my neck and choke myself in the wardrobe. Apparently you're supposed to put a lemon and something in your mouth that'll wake you up. Not sure, i'm gunna go read up on that shit right now and then find my belt.

Then tomorrow i'm going to get a job, because mum keeps telling me i can't stay in the basement anymore. I'm only 36 and the housing market be bogus at the moment. That bitch just doesn't understand the shit i've been through. I might make up a story about killing her soon...

>tl;dr be making up shit stories to fap to:(
Anonymous ID# 4143 Sunday 19th of February 2012 06:57:09 PM 
This one day I woke up and got in an elevator and this girl came in and had a different culture. Since 9/11 I've had severe Post-traumatic Stress Disorder even though nothing really happened to me. She said some words that I googled later and got all mad so I watched a few seasons of Naruto. I put on an orange jumpsuit and ran around my apartment pretending I was beating up that dumb girl. I posted the embellished story here because you dumb people will never know any better (hee hee).
Anonymous ID# 4145 Sunday 19th of February 2012 07:04:32 PM 
hm googling this post found the same thing on some "iranica-chan". funnily, the one logical guy in the thread is the one getting bashed by the others. oh well at least this opens that site to outsiders.
Anonymous ID# 4147 Sunday 19th of February 2012 07:45:18 PM 
Great story OP, funny as fuck.
>White Aryan Parsian Iranian Indo-European
I lost it so hard right there.
#4142 and #4143 got trolled because they are retarded.
Anonymous ID# 4149 Sunday 19th of February 2012 08:06:32 PM 
gayness, guess it is confirmed for troll.
Anonymous ID# 4151 Sunday 19th of February 2012 08:31:59 PM 
this is something that actually happened you faggots.
the kid got off scott free because it was self defense apperantly, lol
Anonymous ID# 4152 Sunday 19th of February 2012 08:44:44 PM 
4147 if you read the original thread, it seems he actually believes it.
Anonymous ID# 4154 Sunday 19th of February 2012 09:06:47 PM 
Can't decide whether this is the best or worst story I've read on here. It's nowhere in between, though.
Anonymous ID# 4155 Sunday 19th of February 2012 10:51:19 PM 
Anonymous ID# 4156 Monday 20th of February 2012 01:53:51 AM 
A Sunni Muslim Arab, a Dutch leftist woman, and a White Aryan Parsian Iranian Indo-European get into an elevator...
Anonymous ID# 4157 Monday 20th of February 2012 03:20:02 AM 
I feel for you OP, I really do. It's a shame what happens in the Netherlands. But you do realize that writing up stupid stories like this doesn't even contribute towards solving the problem, right?
Anonymous ID# 4162 Monday 20th of February 2012 09:25:12 AM 
Maybe it would be better if he went to an island with a bunch of kids and a gun. Do you think THAT would solve the problem?
Anonymous ID# 4177 Tuesday 21st of February 2012 02:37:20 AM 
Anonymous ID# 4185 Wednesday 22nd of February 2012 06:51:15 AM 
not greentext, didn't read
Anonymous ID# 4402 Friday 2nd of March 2012 09:37:20 PM 
You're a fucking loser.
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