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first time touching pussy
Anonymous posted #1251first time touching pussy Sunday 29th of July 2012 12:36:04 PM ★ posted on Worst Things I've Done
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>me and a bunch of people from work go out camping
>we all start drinking, and before for long its gets late and every one wants to sleep
>me, another guy, and a chick are all sharing my tent
> in the middle of the night i wake up and find that the chick is rolling around in her sleep, and is threatening to crush me
> in order to get comfortable i end up spooning with her.
> in her sleep she keeps grabbing my arms and bring them up to her chest, before she starts to rub my arms
> i build up some courage and start to make some grabs for her tits
>its not long before i am fondling them to my hearts content
> after a while of this i decide to start to work my way down her body
> i rub right above her panty to get her used to my touch and soon i am putting my hand down her shorts
>i keep going until i find my first ever pussy
>i spread apart the lips a little and quickly remove my hand because she started to stir in her sleep
>she grabs my hand and starts to pull it down by her shorts
>after she fails to put my hand in her pants a few times i help her out and put my hand back on her pussy
>she then begins to use my hand to rub her self
> i eventually get the courage to put one of my fingers in and, she starts to moan a little
>worried that she was going to wake up i stop everything that was going
>when everyone wakes up in the morning, she doesn't know a thing about what happened to her in the night.
>go to Bob Evans and have one of the best steaks i have ever had
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Tags: rape  camping 
Anonymous ID# 5781 Sunday 29th of July 2012 01:26:21 PM 
u racist mufucka were u liv il fuc u ^ dawg
Anonymous ID# 5791 Sunday 29th of July 2012 10:18:28 PM 
Anonymous ID# 5795 Monday 30th of July 2012 01:39:39 AM 
oh LOOK a wild nigger appears
Anonymous ID# 5797 Monday 30th of July 2012 02:37:12 AM 
Hate to tell you this bro, but you just raped a girl.
Anonymous ID# 5809 Monday 30th of July 2012 04:56:10 AM 
>Implying there's anything wrong with that
Anonymous ID# 5815 Monday 30th of July 2012 07:44:55 AM 

uhh yeah there is most certainly something wrong with it.

Only pathetic virgins like you and OP have to resort to rape
Anonymous ID# 5830 Monday 30th of July 2012 09:25:41 AM 
Anonymous ID# 5895 Thursday 2nd of August 2012 02:25:26 PM 
downvote for viral marketing
Anonymous ID# 5928 Tuesday 7th of August 2012 08:21:46 PM 
Lol. Why do you think that girl wasn't awake, and just pretending to sleep?

Anonymous ID# 5957 Monday 13th of August 2012 01:16:47 AM 
You use unnecessary acronyms.

Your argument is invalid.
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