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raped by the internet, thanks 4chan
mindfuct posted #527raped by the internet, thanks 4chan Tuesday 26th of April 2011 07:55:17 PM ★ posted on Out & About
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This is the third time I'm remembering and describing this as the previous two attempts error'd, and were lost.

I feel guilt and regret mainly. I discovered 4chan just that month, had been lurking nonstop for hours and days at a time it seemed. Decoding all the memes, opening tab upon incognito tab of mysterious, encrypted parts of files, like scraps a gore off a bordello floor. It was like catnip crack for the libido.

I saw more fucked up shit in a week lurking 4chan, than I have since I had a four digit ICQ #. The shock I experienced was alien and thorough. Eventually I clicked on a link with cp. Sensory overload.

Off the charts stimulation cut though the yellowed couch-stuffing that was my consciousness. The years online immeresed in porn had worn down my WTF meter, this shit went straight to your head. I'd thought I'd seen it all, but the images in /b/ were just... beyond imagination. I thought to myself, 'Now there's something I couldn't have conceived of,' pure horror. As I clicked more and more links I became more and more repulsed by myself. Yet the overwhelming compulsion persisted. Lurking and fapping furiously, without shame, I continually needed moar.

After a few feverish days I was banned for reposting cp. It was a huge relief, I was finally able to tear myself away from my laptop and write a few exams. The onslaught was so traumatizing, I made myself sick.

Otherwise, I'm a pretty average nerd. I was a virgin till my 20's, but like dog shit, became easier to pick up as I aged. I've had several healthy relationships since and had never been exposed to cp before. Right now I'm in a relationship that has kids in the near future, I can never tell my girlfriend. I feel victimized and also like a bag of shit covered dicks. I feel raped by the internet.
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Anonymous ID# 1033 Wednesday 31st of December 1969 11:00:00 AM 
what the fuck?
The shit you see on 4chan isn't much different from shit on the rest of the internet. I don't see how you could get so engrossed in /b/ unless you only go play runescape or go to hampsterdance.com when you're on the 'net.
Also, you're a newfag and a pedo.
Anonymous ID# 1035 Wednesday 31st of December 1969 11:00:00 AM 
Lol have you ever visited the hidden wiki on tor? Probably not, judging by your post. Find it, and /b/ will seem like a nickelodeon all of a sudden.
Anonymous ID# 1061 Wednesday 31st of December 1969 11:00:00 AM 
@1033 I was a newfag, and now i'm free
@1035 that wiki is a myth to me, although I am intrigued by myths, it's probably better left alone
Anonymous ID# 1062 Wednesday 31st of December 1969 11:00:00 AM 
the hidden wiki isnt only cp.. theres a lot of really dark things on there that are not porn related.
Anonymoose ID# 1092 Wednesday 31st of December 1969 11:00:00 AM 
Since seeing /b/, I have become immune to all forms of sex and horror. Even fapped to some of the videos on theync.com

Actually a pretty decent site. But compared to /b/, theync is just puppies and rainbows. What's this about a hidden wiki with all types of sex and horror?
hidden wiki ID# 1127 Wednesday 31st of December 1969 11:00:00 AM 
do you have tor?

If so:


don't say I didn't warn you.
Anonymous ID# 3663 Wednesday 11th of January 2012 10:51:12 PM 
I have nearly 50 CP videos from OPVA2 (a site that The Hidden Wiki links to). It's the only source for CP I have (I'm not OP, by the way).
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