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force girl to fuck dog
Anonymous posted #584force girl to fuck dog Monday 23rd of May 2011 06:48:13 PM ★ posted on Worst Things I've Done
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>me and my friends used to pick on one nerdy girl
>decide to play "prank"
>invite girl over to a little party
>takes a lot of convincing, but she agrees and shows up
>it's just us guys and her
>we all "apologize" to her and treat her nice
>she buys it
>then we tell her we're not letting her leave unless either one of gets to fuck her or she let's friend's dog fuck her
>we work out the "logic" for her
>stuff like if she doesn't have sex we'll tell everyone she did anyway
>on the other hand fucking a dog =/= losing virginity
>she agrees to fuck the dog
>she gets on all fours,lifts her dress and pulls her panties to the side (trying to not let us see her pussy basically)
>it takes some doing, but the dog eventually mounts her
>dog finishes pretty quick
>she's crying, but trying to act strong
>we're laughing and laughing and she leaves
>never saw her in school
>heard she transferred to private school
>we never got in trouble
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Anonymous ID# 1339 Wednesday 31st of December 1969 11:00:00 AM 
i bet that bitch is traumatized for life
PsychoLamp !R9b2nNAUeE ID# 1343 Wednesday 31st of December 1969 11:00:00 AM 
Sure you did, buddy.
Anonymous ID# 1347 Wednesday 31st of December 1969 11:00:00 AM 
Turns out OP was the nerdy girl now trying to mentally project herself into the group to dissociate from being a victim.
Anonymous ID# 1530 Wednesday 31st of December 1969 11:00:00 AM 
Already read this story some pages back on here
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